Netec Global Consulting

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Ilan Doctors
Telephone: 020 3700 2920
8 Breasy Place
Mobile: 07941170277
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Services Offered

  • Apple Specialist
  • Business IT Support (Contract)
  • Business IT Support (Pay as You Go)
  • Business Security
  • Cabling & Cabinets
  • Computer Repair - Onsite
  • Computer Repair - Workshop
  • Data Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Home User IT Support


From humble beginnings in 2001, Netec has set the standard as one of London’s premier IT support and infrastructure businesses. Through the effective use of technology and by having a thorough understanding of precisely what your business needs both now and in the future, it’s our role to make sure that you gain the competitive advantage that will be the key driver to your ongoing success. We know technology and we only ever offer ‘best fit’ solutions. While we provide IT support services you can find elsewhere, Netec is unique in that we do more than simply manage your IT infrastructure. We are your outsourced IT department and most valuably for business owners, you will never need to go anywhere else for add-ons. We give you everything you need. Please contact us now on 020 3700 2920.

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