Micro Electronic Services Limited

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Paul Boxall
Telephone: 0127636349
Unit 3 Admiralty Way
Mobile: 07785281427
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GU14 3DT
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Services Offered

  • Application Development
  • Computer Repair - Workshop
  • Data Recovery
  • Laptop Repair Specialist
  • Tablet Repair
  • Printer Repair
  • Mobile Phone Repair


Unlike many of our competitors, Micro Electronic Services is exclusively a service company - we do not distribute for any of the manufacturers that we support and are therefore able to be an Approved Service Company for many competing manufacturers. We value and keep secure all information provided by each of our partner companies. MES offers tailored service level agreements to its larger customers and provides four collection/delivery runs each week, using our own drivers and liveried transport, covering the M25 corridor, Wales and South West England, the Midlands and the South East. Micro Electronic Services is ISO 9001 accredited and this, plus our strength in service specialisation, our technical skills, responsiveness, innovative customer support systems and many other factors combine to give our customers an overall level of service many would find impossible to implement and our competitors find difficult to duplicate.

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