Computers 4 Africa

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Vicky Grantham
Telephone: 03000 11 22 33
4, Priory Park
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ME20 7PP
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Services Offered

  • Computer Repair - Onsite
  • Laptop Repair Specialist
  • Printer Repair


Computers 4 Africa (a working title of Digital Pipeline) are a UK registered charity that supplies schools, hospitals and community projects across Africa with donated IT equipment. Our primary aim is to improve education in Africa through the use of technology. We renovate schools in Africa by not only providing computers but setting up classrooms and training individuals in computing, allowing them to become technicians and teachers. This training is vital not only for maintenance of computers but also so pupils in Africa can be taught be knowledgeable members of staff at their school. Education using PCs will radically change the face of Africa. People using our computers will have better access to information, greater career opportunities and a more dynamic learning experience.

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