JDB Computing

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John Burrows
Telephone: 07969078559
80 Braunstone Lane
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Services Offered

  • Business IT Support (Contract)
  • Business IT Support (Pay as You Go)
  • Computer Repair - Onsite
  • Computer Repair - Workshop
  • Data Recovery
  • Home User IT Support
  • Laptop Repair Specialist
  • Tablet Repair
  • Mobile Phone Repair
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting


We offer high quality, low cost IT services to the Leicester and Leicestershire area, dealing primarily in laptop, desktop, and mobile phone repairs. While we do not maintain a retail storefront, we do have a reasonably central drop off location (in between Fosse Park and Leicester City Centre) with a dedicated workshop. JDB Computing have over ten years of experience repairing and building computers and other electronics, so you can be sure we will arrive at the best solution for your particular problem.

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