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Peter Moran
Telephone: 07966844817
The Mouse House
Mobile: 07966844817
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Services Offered

  • Apple Specialist
  • Application Development
  • Business IT Support (Contract)
  • Business IT Support (Pay as You Go)
  • Business Security
  • Cabling & Cabinets
  • Computer Repair - Onsite
  • Computer Repair - Workshop
  • Data Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Laptop Re


Are you: Fed up with being caught between hardware and software support ? Covered under warranty but unsure if it is your hardware or software at fault ? Tired of having to explain the problem to the reception, help desk and finally the engineer ? Worried about how your computer systems may need to grow with your business ? Concerned that your I.T department is understaffed or under-qualified - do they need support ? Uncertain how to install new computers, users and software on your networks ? Happy that your data is safe and secure ? Unwilling to be tied into a contract for support that you may or may not use ?

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