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Jason West
Telephone: 08453312069
12 Old Gardens Close
Tunbridge Wells
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Services Offered

  • Apple Specialist
  • Application Development
  • Business IT Support (Contract)
  • Business IT Support (Pay as You Go)
  • Business Security
  • Cabling & Cabinets
  • Data Recovery
  • Cloud Services
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Wireless Networking Specialist


If you work in a blue chip corporate you pick up the phone and call your IT department. That's what you do! You don't worry about how much its going to cost or who to call or how to go about it. You know that when you call you will be talking to someone who knows your business and your systems intimately. You know that you will get the answers and help you need and don't have to worry about running up the clock. That's what we bring to you. If you think you might benefit from having an expert IT department that is there for you, for the emergencies or the everyday issues contact us and we will explain how we can help

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