Discount Vouchers Discount Vouchers, Happy Customers

An easy and effective way to promote your business

Simply offer new customers a £25 discount off your services. We'll promote your offer across the Fix IT website, social media and the wider internet.


  • We provide and manage the vouchers.
  • We promote your offer -  Fix IT website, social media and the wider internet
  • Choose how many new customers you want. You can end the offer at any time.
  • No additional fees or charges
  • Boost your search ranking on this site

  Terms applying to each voucher transaction

  • £25 off the total bill, including vat if applicable, on production of a valid numbered voucher
  • £50 minimum customer spend
  • New customers only
  • Vouchers expire 3 months after issue

To benefit from this scheme simply modify your profile and check 'Accepting Vouchers'.

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